Meet Stuttgart ISC Judge David Grapshi (Agave Forte)

As esteemed spirit industry insider Robert Plotkin declares, “With apologies to E.F. Hutton, when David Grapshi talks tequila, people listen.”

How does an East Coast guy hailing from Harlem and the Bronx, end up being named Ambassador to the CNIT, (Mexican tequila council), representing some of the finest tequilas to the world? The people, and place, the agave, the heart and soul, and yes the passion… Go figure!

I ask myself the same thing daily. Facing head-on what makes up the best and the worst of what is the wine and spirits industry; all I can say is the cumulative result of three intensely rich decades have proffered me a uniquely tenured palate. All, ultimately, led to this love affair with everything comprising the art form that is handcrafted premium spirits, and a unique passion for all things tequila.

One thing rings true above all else. Its not the flashy bottle, its not the crafty label, and its most definitely not the size of the marketing campaign…Tequila is at heart an artisanal spirit. For fine spirits overall, the traditional techniques will always and forever produce the best results.

Blessed with the privilege of transitioning into a life consulting, I love nothing more than joining with and guiding others through this amazing world of artisanal spirits – sharing in the history, craft, passion, honesty, and flavor – wherever it abounds. Looking back I have to say, world spirit competitions offer the ultimate challenge, where the unexpected find is often the most rewarding. In the end, spreading the love is what it is all about.

–       David Grapshi